Technology and Security

Technology and Security Solutions

Corporation Associates provides Information Technology and Security Solutions to enable your full potential.

Network Design

Corporation Associates provides whole-life network design services. Our lifecycle starts with planning your network with how you will use it. Then we design the network to operate with efficiency. Once you approve of the network plans, we implement your new network. Once testing is complete, you are online and ready to use the network. The final step is where we optimize the network.

Continuity Management

At Corporation Associates our disaster recovery team provides Continuity Management so that your business is able to operate without the worry of mayhem. Our services provide direct business support and data protection. Our recovery team is available 24 hours a day 7 days each week.

Security Solutions

Your security starts with a sealed network. Additional layers of protection are added such as firewalls, packet monitoring, and user permissions, passwords, and logs. As your business grows, you will generate important data that must be protected from those without the need to know. Corporation Associates will create a security protocol with processes to protect your data assets.

Implement Technology To Drive Growth While Securing Your Data



The most important part of the modern business is the ability to collaborate from anywhere. Our Associates will help you to implement the technology that drives your business forward.

Mobile Computing

Mobile Computing

Your employees are your biggest asset. With Corporation Associates as your Information Technology partner, we will implement mobile computing resulting in your employees being empowered to work from anywhere.



Proper process that is defined details how employees are to conduct business everyday. Compliance is the check that ensures that proper process is followed. Corporation Associates offers compliance audits which ensures avoidance of disruptions, business reputation, as well as risk prevention.

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The Corporation Associates Technology and Security Guidebook for the Office

Business technology is complex and while necessary, our Associates will provide you with the guidance to move forward.

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